🏛️Mu Team

The Mu Team, we're not anonymous hiding behind fake names and avatars. We are a real blockchain company who are proud of MU and are more than happy to share our real names and show our faces.

Mu Dog

There are many dog themed "meme" coins, but how many of them are inspired by a real actual dog? We're far from a meme coin and Mu Dog is Tier5 Founders Aunkita Nandi and Jon Vaughn's actual dog. Although we're a bunch of tech freaks and genius developers who love the blockchain our actual Mu Dog is the leading inspiration for the dog theme.

The Founders

The founders and creators are love struck Mu Dog loving software engineers. Jon Vaughn and Aunkita Nandi. They are the founders of the software development firm Tier5. The founders are a fun loving married power couple who have a passion for technology and making the world a better place.

Founding Investors - Jon Vaughn and Aunkita Nandi were also the only founding investors in MU. Together they built the initial smart contracts for the MU ecosystem They invested the initial investment to create the liquidity pool and futher invested by buying $MU from the liqudiity pool to create even more liquidity pool pairs, and also purchased a large amount of $MU and $MUG to create the MU DAO. All liquidty tokens are locked up in this liquidity locking contract until 1/1/2028 at which time they will be transfered and controlled by the MU DAO

The Development Management Team

The Development Management team is made up of Santanu Dhar and Abhisek Bose. Santanu Dhar is the General Manager of Tier5, a genius developer, and has been with Tier5 for 6 years. Abhisek Bose is the production manager for Tier5, a very talented solutions architect and has been with Tier5 for 3 years.

The Development Team

The epic development team powering MU is Tier5. Tier5 is a well established software engineering firm that has built SaaS software and helped over 300 partners and 100,000 software users grow their companies and business with the power of our suite of business SaaS applications. Tier5 is the first ever community and employee owned and operated software engineering firm. Tier5 built the MU ecosystem to be able to express their epic partner program in the blockchain and turn their partnership business model into a decentralized autonomous organization (DA))

The Marketing Team

are you kidding? We don't have any marketing team. We have an entire blockchain ecosystem that's high utility and themed after the real life Mu Dog. Fuck marketing. Our community continues to market and raise awareness for the Mu ecosystem. We have started doing basic marketing on Twitter and doing Airdrops. In the future we will begin to do influencer marketing and partnerships and bring on a marketing team, but we do feel that the community and holders will always be our greatest marketing asset. Mu Dog will also help out.

The Actual Decision Makers

The actual decision makers in the MU ecosystem are currently the Founders but this will change as soon as we finish developing the MU DAO. The MU ecosystem will be controlled by the MU DAO and via the proposal and voting process.

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