MU Rewards

get rewarded for being part of the MU ecosystem.

MU Rewards are paid to holders of Mu Ore $MUO and Mu Vault $MUV

They are paid in proportion to how much of the total supply of Mu Ore $MUO that you are holding and as outlined on the Mu Vault $MUV page

Mu Ore $MUO is just a wrapped version of Mu Gold $MUG

Mu Vault $MUV is a wrapped version of $MUO that is deposited indefinitely into the ecosytem, meaning Mu Vault $MUV holders cannot get thier $MUO back out once wrapping it to $MUV, hence $MUV holders receive a higher rewards distribution as they are the only holders that lock their holdings in the Mu Ecosystem indefinitely.

Example. There is a total of 1,000 Mu Ore $MUO issued. You are holding 100 Mu Ore $MUO. You will get 10% of all the rewards payments

Where do the rewards come from?

Mu Rewards mostly come from people purchasing Tier5 Software Products, partnerships, and services with Mu Gold. Tier5 software users and partners can set up their monthly subscriptions and pay them with Mu Gold. 100% of these payments are sent to the Mu Rewards contract and redistributed back to Mu Ore $MUO holders. Tier5 software users and partners get additional incentives to switch their monthly (or annual) recurring subscriptions over to the blockchain and pay with Mu Gold $MUG.

Additional deals, we make additional joint venture deals that are paid with Mu Gold, a portion of these joint venture deals (not 100%) is sent to the Mu Rewards contract and redistributed to Mu Ore $MUO holders.

We are also able to generate rewards from Asset holdings held by the MU DAO


The MU DAO aims to continously aquire revenue generating assets that can be used to buy MU and MUG and fill our reserves, fill our reservers of other tokens/coins we like, and also generate revenue to aquire more revenue generating assets, and to be able to also payout rewards.

Proposals can be created and voted on by DAO members as to what to do with revenue generated from Assets held by the MU DAO.

When are rewards distributed.

Rewards can be distributed at anytime by anyone by calling the pay rewards function on the Mu Rewards contract.

Mu Rewards Contract

All payments made that will be distributed are sent to the Mu Rewards contract. You can find the contract here address here 0x8dae4e038Cff5C1dfB5bB91DD7a4fE23dF4eB2Da

For example monthly subscriptions send their monthly subscription payment directly to the Mu Rewards contract

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