Mu Gold $MUG

they payment token for our software, partnerships, white-labels, and services, and entry point into the MU DAO.

Mu Gold $MUG contract address 0xf7ed17f0fb2b7c9d3ddbc9f0679b2e1098993e81

Mu Gold ($MUG) Liquidity

The majority (~97%) of all liquidity for $MUG is owned by the Mu DAO and locked in a linear vesting contract until 1/1/2028. The Mu DAO aims to own 99% of all liquidity for $MUG and other tokens in the Mu Ecosystem.


$MUG Liquidity Pools


  • Maximum Supply - 100,000. There are only 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Mu Gold ($MUG). There can NEVER be any more $MUG created. Mu Gold ($MUG) has a very scarce supply, even scarcer than Mu Coin ($MU which has a maximum supply of only 1,000,000).

  • Distributions - No Mu Gold ($MUG) were distributed to anyone. Yes, zero were distributed. 100% of the total maximum supply, all 100,000 Mu Gold were put in to the initial liquidity pool, and that liquidity was locked until 1/1/2028.

  • Liquidity - 100% - Yes, 100% of the entire total maximum supply of Mu Gold ($MUG) was added to the initial liquidity pool, and that pool was locked until 1/1/2028 (no rug pull is possible here). The initial liquidity pool was created with all 100,000 Mu Gold ($MUG) and paired with 100,000 Mu Coin ($MU). That 100,000 Mu Coin ($MU) was purchased from the $MU liquidity pool in order to pair it with Mu Gold ($MUG).

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