💸MU Price Predictions

Conservative MU Price predictions

The following are very conservative MU price predictions based off of what we are personally investing into the MU Ecosystem every month.

The price predictions are just that, predictions, they are derived based on the constant product algorithm that is used in the automated market making liquidity pools. These price predictions will be updated periodically and only take into consideration buys scheduled by Tier5, the Founders, and the MU DAO.

Also note 100% of all liquidity is locked until 1/1/2028 so we have only done price predictions up until that time.

We launched MU in January (1/5/2022) with the initial pricing of 1 $MU = $0.025 1 $MUG = $0.18

Full list of Mu Price Predictions can be found HERE



These are price predictions. This is not financial advice. Do NOT invest into the MU ecosystem based on these price predictions. Only invest in the MU ecosystem if you believe in the project.

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