Mu Ore $MUO

Mu Ore is how one participates in the Mu DAO. It is the wrapped version of Mu Gold $MU.

Mu Ore $MUO is the wrapped version of Mu Gold $MUG. It is minted and burned in a 1:1 ratio with Mu Gold $MUG. The Mu Ore $MUO contract will never have more outstanding Mu Ore $MUO than deposited Mu Gold $MUG.

As Mu Gold $MUG is deposited to the contract Mu Ore $MUO is minted and sent to the depositor. When a depositor wishes to convert their Mu Ore $MUO back to Mu Gold $MUG, they simply unwrap their Mu Ore $MUO and the contract burns (destroys) that Mu Ore $MUO and returns them back the exact same amount of Mu Gold $MUG.

Participants wanting to participate in the MU DAO will need to acquire Mu Gold $MUG and then wrap it to Mu Ore $MUO.

After wrapping Mu Gold $MUG into Mu Ore $MUO participants can participate in the MU DAO.

Participants can can unwrap their Mu Ore $MUO at anytime they wish on a 1:1 ratio. Meaning if you have 1.8976 $MUO you can convert it back into 1.8976 $MUG at anytime you wish.

Rewards and distributions from the MU Ecosystem are only calculated and distributed to the holders of Mu Ore $MUO. Rewards and distributions come in the form of Mu Coin $MU and Mu Gold $MUG, but are only calculated and distributed to those that are holding Mu Ore $MUO.

Mu Ore Contract

Mu Ore Contract Address - 0x561f2209eA45023d796bF42F0402B33bc26610ce


  • Maximum Supply - 100,000 - Since Mu Ore $MUO is a wrapped version of Mu Gold $MUG there will never be more than 100,000 Mu Ore $MUO

  • Liquidity - Since Mu Ore $MUO is a wrapped version of Mu Gold $MUG there's no real liquidity or liquidity pools by default unless a holder creates one for some reason. This is because Mu Ore $MUO is just Mu Gold $MUG wrapped on a 1:1 ratio. The liquidity is in Mu Gold $MUG. Mu Gold $MUG can be wrapped into Mu Ore $MUO and Mu Ore $MUO can be unwrapped into Mu Gold $MUG at anytime always on a 1:1 ratio.

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