Mu Vault $MUV

The Givers (and main benifactors) of the Ecosystem. The ecosystem is built to maximize returns and benifits to $MUV holders.

Mu Valut is a unique type of token.

Mu Vault repersents Mu Ore holdings that has been locked in the valut indefinitely by the holder. Each Mu Valut ($MUV) held counts as 1 MUO in the normal operations of the Ecosystem (IE votes, rewards, limited access rights).

Every $MUV you hold also counts as holding 1 $MUO (Mu Ore)

It should be noted that there is no "withdrawl" function for $MUV. Exchanging 1 $MUO for 1 $MUV is close to "buring" your $MUO. Meaning you can never get back your $MUO from your $MUV. The investment is indefinitely locked inside the Mu Ecosystem and can NOT be pulled out, hence $MUV holders get additional rewards and privlages for being the only one's that actually give (lock) money into the Mu Ecosystem.

Additional rewards for $MUV holders.

$MUV holders get higher rewards than normal $MUO holders. The amount of additional rewards that $MUV holders get is based on 2 factors.

Factor 1: Additional Rewards Percentage

This factor is set and voted on by the DAO ($MUO and $MUV holders). The total shares of any rewards payment would be calulated by $MUO issued + ($MUO issued * $MUV ARP) | (1+$MUV ARP)($MUO issued)

For example let's assume the $MUV ARP is set to 500% and there are 10,000 $MUO in extance. A rewards payment would be calculated into 10,000 + 50,000 payment slivers for a total of 60,000 payment slivers vs 10,000 payment slivers reflecting the 10,000 $MUO being held. The DAO is able to adjust the $MUV ARP based on proposals and a vote by DAO holders.

Factor 2: Your $MUV holding percentage.

The percentage of $MUV you hold out of the total $MUV Issued. The amount of the additional shares coming from the $MUV ARP that $MUV holders get is based on their share of total oustinding issued $MUV. If there are 10 $MUV outsanding and you hold 1 $MUV you'd get 10% of the extra shares yeilded by the $MUV ARP

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