Free Tier5 Partnership

Want to get a FREE Tier5 Partnership.

The normal cost of the Tier5 Partnership and all the information about it can be found here

You can invest into the MU Ecosystem and get a FREE Tier5 Partnership (limited number of FREE Tier5 Partnerships available)

The process is very simple. You will make an investment into the MU ecosystem equal to 5 years worth of Tier5 Partnership fees.

Your investment will be placed into a linear vesting contract for a duration of 5 years with you as the beneficiary.

You can think of this as a certificate of deposit. You will make an investment in the MU ecosystem and you will lock up your investment for 5 years, your investment will be the same amount as the Tier5 Partnership would cost you for 5 years.

You will NOT be paying us any money. You will be simply locking up your investment for 5 years, the money will always be yours. It vest linearly so every month (actually every second) a portion will be vested and you can withdrawal it.

This will allow you to invest into the MU ecosystem and also get access to the Tier5 Partnership. This way you'll be able to benefit from all The Tier5 Partnership and also realize all the gains in the MU Ecosystem. You'll also be getting the rewards distributions paid out to Mu Ore $MUO holders, as your investment will first be wrapped to Mu Ore $MUO.

We will help you with ever step of the process and it's all in the blockchain so it's all open and transparent.

As an example you can consider the Tier5 Partnership cost of $100/month. That means you will make an investment into the MU ecosystem in the same amount of 5 years worth of Tier5 Partnership fees. This would be $6,000 if the Tier5 Partnership costs $100/month.

Every month that goes by you can withdrawal 1/60 (or in this case $100) as that is now vested. You will also be able to withdrawal any gains you made.

For example you invest and 1 MU = $1, so you buy 6,000 MU and vest them for 5 years. Every month you can withdrawal 100 MU and if the price of MU went up to $5 you'd be withdrawing $500/month.

Your investment will be wrapped to Mu Ore ($MUO) so that it is earning rewards distributions.

So you will get a FREE Tier5 Partnership, you will get any an all gains you realize from your investment into MU, and you will also get rewards distributions for holding Mu Ore $MUO.

At the end of the 5 year vesting period you can either

  1. Roll your vesting contract over for another 5 years and continue with the FREE Tier5 Partnership.

  2. Start paying the current price of the Tier5 Partnership in the traditional way.

  3. No longer be a Tier5 Partner

That part is totally up to you.

Here you can find a live linear vesting contract set up for someone that has already taken advantage of the Free Tier5 Partnership. You'd have a similar vesting contract set up for you, we will just adjust the start time of your vesting contract

Note 100% of all liquidity in the MU ecosystem is locked until 1/1/2028 so your investment will be safe with NO chance of a rug pull or liquidity being removed.

In interested in getting this FREE Tier5 Partnership please email

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