Discounted Mu Tokens

discounted Mu Tokens for buying our offers

Discounted Mu tokens can be purchased at a discounted and used to satisfiy mu holdings where a specific amount of a mu token is required to be held for some utility in our ecosystem.

Discounted Mu tokens can also be used to purchase special Mu offers from Tier5.

Discounted Mu tokens cannot be sold in liquidity pools and can only be used for utility, they are not tradable in the liquidity pools.

Discounted Mu tokens are acquired directly from the MU DAO for one of several preferred assets (AVAX, USDC, DAI, MIM, ect).

Discount amount will be a function of the minters (buyers) Mu holdings and currency used to purchase the discounted Mu tokens.

Discounted Mu Tokens will be distributed to $MUO holders like normal rewards distributions. $MUO holders can use them to also purchase offers with Discounted Mu Tokens.

Acquiring Discounted Mu Tokens

One may acquire Discounted Mu tokens by purchasing them via the contract or our dAPP.

Discounted Mu Tokens may also be awarded (minted) for various promotions.

How Discounted Mu effects the price of Mu

In short it does not. They are actually completely different assets. In fact, there are no liquidity pools for discounted Mu tokens. They are minted on demand in exchange for another token and then used in exchange in the ecosystem to pay for offers (a new white-labeled software released).

Buying and using discounted Mu tokens does not effect the actual Mu tokens in the market directly. It could indirectly cause them to go up in speculation as revenues generated from selling discounted Mu tokens fund the Mu Ecosystem reserves to acquire more income generating assets that produce reward distributions for $MUO holders.

But where does that money go?

The Mu DAO uses the assets from the sale of discounted MU to build our cash reserves to preform several actions including buying back authentic MU, preforming arbitrage transactions to equalize Mu prices amount Mu liquidity pools, and making investments that will benefit the MU DAO in terms of revenue.

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