Mu Coin ($MU)

the first token created in our ecosystem and the entry point into MU. $MU is on the AVAX network.

1,000,000 Mu Coins $MU created. No more can ever be minted. 1,000,000 is the max total supply. There will never be anymore. MU means 1 in a million.

Mu Coin ($MU) contract address 0xd036414fa2bcbb802691491e323bff1348c5f4ba

Mu Coin ($MU) Liquidity

The majority (~97%) of all liquidity for $MU is owned by the Mu DAO and locked in a linear vesting contract until 1/1/2028. The Mu DAO amis to own 99% of all liquidity for $MU and other tokens in the Mu Ecosystem.


  • Liquidity Locking Linear Vesting Contract (locked till 1/1/2028) - 0x7d2040E4eeed5c9046993E9Ffd581404F943652f

  • What does this mean? It means there cannot be a rug pull on this token and there will always be liquidity to buy/sell at anytime guarenteed up until 1/1/2028 as the LP tokens needed to remove liquidity have been locked in the vesting wallet above. You can easily check it out and verify for yourself.

$MU Liquidity Pools

We will be adding more Liquidity pools on Sushi Swap and Pangolin with more currency assets we like as a project. This allows us to not only continue to provide ample liquidity but also invest in token assets we like and continue to grow our reserves and ecosystem.


  • Maximum Supply - 1,000,000. There are only 1,000,000 (one million) Mu Coins ($MU). There can never be any more Mu Coins created. Mu Coin has a very scarce supply, one of the most scarce supplies of all cyrpto projects (bitcoin as a max of 21,000,000). Only a very select few can own 1 $MU

  • Distributions - NO (yes zero) $MU were distributed to anyone. 100% of the total maximum supply was minted and put in the liquidity pool. None was distributed to anyone. All of it was put in the liquidity pool and purchased by anyone that holds it, including the MU DAO, founders, and team.

  • Initial Liquidity - 100% (yes 100%, or all 1,000,000 $MU) were put in the liquidity pool and initialized as follows 1,000,000 $MU with 25,000 $USDC.e. There is no possibility of a rug pull here since all liquidity is locked until 1/1/2028. All verified in the blockchain.

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