Wrapping $MUG to $MUO

Participate in the MU DAO and earn passive income

You can wrap/unwrap Mu Gold $MUG into Mu Ore $MUO 2 ways

  • Directly via the smart contract

  • On the Mu website

To wrap and unwrap via our website just go to our website and click swap at the top

Or just watch the video below for a step by step!

To wrap and unwrap via the smart contract

Smart Contract Address: 0x561f2209eA45023d796bF42F0402B33bc26610ce https://snowtrace.io/address/0x561f2209eA45023d796bF42F0402B33bc26610ce

You will need to first approve the Mu Ore $MUO contract to spend your Mu Gold $MUG. You would do that on the Mu Gold $MUG contract 0xF7ed17f0Fb2B7C9D3DDBc9F0679b2e1098993e81 https://snowtrace.io/token/0xf7ed17f0fb2b7c9d3ddbc9f0679b2e1098993e81

You can use this converter to figure out how what value you should put in the amount field https://eth-converter.com/

You would be using the Approve function on the Mu Gold $MUG smart contract

Once you approve the Mu Ore $MUO contract to spend your Mu Gold $MUG you can then head over to the Mu Ore $MUO contract and use the deposit for function to wrap the amount of Mu Gold $MUG you want into Mu Ore $MUO.

You'd enter your own address and the amount of Mu Gold $MUG you want to wrap into Mu Ore $MUO

To unwrap your Mu Ore $MUO at any time back into Mu Gold $MUG you would just use the withdraw To function on the Mu Ore $MUO contract. You'd put in your own wallet address and the amount of Mu Ore $MUO you wanted to unwrap back into Mu Gold $MUG

Here's a video that walks you through the process of doing that.

Using The Mu Website To Wrap/Unwrap

We have not built the front end on our website to allow you to do this yet. We are developing this still.

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