We airdrop our MEME token Mu Inu ($MUINU)
To get an AIRDROP all you need to do is go into our discord server and put in your AVAX-C chain wallet address into the #airdrops channel. You can do that here
We do these airdrops to our twitter fans for liking, following, commenting, retweeting. Also to members of our discord server for being active.
They are free airdrops. Since they are free airdrops they are processed in batches and not guarenteed to anyone.
If you go in our discord server asking for your airdrops where they are you haven't got them yet you will most likely get banned from the server.
We process the airdrops in batches periodically, so just be patient and you might get some free airdropped Mu Inu ($MUINU), if you can't have patience and continously bug the discord server about them, you will be banned.